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Put “Notice me damn it” In my ask if I am your senpai

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Anonymous asked: Good Morning/walks over to him and smiles/ hmm its smell so yummy. I love pancakes. I am going to wash up. /walks to the bathroom and enters and starts washing up then exits the bathrooms and walks over to him/ Need some help ? -your one and only

/shakes my head/ I’m almost done, you can set the table if you’d like.

Anonymous asked: /looks at him one more before seeing him fall sleep. Closes her eyes and falls asleep/ -wakes up the next day and rubs her eyes open- Good morning oppa. Did you sleep well ? -your one and only

/he wakes up before her, and already was in the kitchen making her breakfast, pancakes, with orange juice/ I’m over here!

Anonymous asked: Ok fine. /rest her head on her arms and starts to close her eyes/ well good night teddy bear-your one and only

/turns to you as you close your eyes and smiles, watches you/